The 38th Annual SSF-IIIHS Int’l Conference
July 5 to 14, 2013

Hotel Delta Centre-Ville • 777 University Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This Year’s Roster of Speakers

Dr. Eben Alexander
author of Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife

Dr. Sri Madan Bali
Yoga master

Dr. Mario Beauregard
author of Brain Wars, and co-author of The Spiritual Brain

Dr. Fadel Behman
retired oncology researcher & holistic health expert

Sonal Bhatt, MD
Ayurvedic physician & Panchkarma specialist

Dr. Zacciah Blackburn
sacred sound channel & master sound healer

Susan Campbell-Fournel
certified health educator

Juan de Dios Carrascosa
Spanish spiritual healer and energy worker

Maurice Charlebois
crystal bowl player/performer and researcher

Rev. André Chevalier
shaman & medium

Michael Cremo
author (with Richard L. Thompson) of Forbidden Archeology

Bishop Dr. Kevin Daniels
Episcopal senior pastor; Social Work professor, Morgan State Univ.

Dr. Maria Gomori
distinguished psychotherapist

Dr. Bernard Grimaux
interfaith spiritualist minister

Shaykh Abdul Haqq
Naqshbandi-Sufi leader & scholar

Dr. Joyce Whiteley Hawkes
biophysicist & author of Resonance: Nine Practices for Harmonious Health and Vitality

Drs James & Desiree Hurtak
social scientists, futurists, and authors

Francine Jarry
multi-faceted artist; blends spiritual resources with musical background

Narayan Jyoti
certified Sivananda Yoga and ThetaHealing® instructor

Dr. Ibrahim Karim
BioGeometry researcher

Mikel Lizarralde
Spanish medium & Tarot reader

Dr. Olga Mandodari
Vaastu Shastra consultant

Rabbi Dr. Miriam Maron
“Soul Healer” — Kabbalistic and Shamanic healing expert

Helen McCarthy
cancer survivor; advocate for the rejuvenative powers of vibration

Brooke Medicine-Eagle
Earth wisdom teacher & author

Rabbi Miriam Maron
“Soul Healer” — Kabbalistic and Shamanic healing expert

Visitacion Merino
stones & crystals specialist

Dr. Raymond Moody
psychiatrist and NDE pioneer

Adhi Moonien Two-Owls
shaman, artist, educator

Dr. James Mullaney
astronomy writer, lecturer and consultant

Dr. Suzane Northrop
acclaimed medium, grief expert, TV host, & author

Mayte Padrón
Spanish mystic, teacher and spiritual healer

Paul Perry
documentary filmmaker; author of Evidence of the Afterlife, and more

Dr. Lilly Rahmann
gemologist & Reiki master

Dr. Jean Ratte
medical specialist, now researcher/developer of Holonergetics

Dr. Cairo Rocha
Brazilian-born doctor of Oriental Medicine

Dr. Beverly Rubik
biophysicist & founder of the Institute for Frontier Science

Dr. Len Saputo
author of A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine

Philip Shepherd
author of New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-First Century

Dr. Stephen Sinatra
integrative cardiologist and co-author of The Great Cholesterol Myth

Vianna Stibal
creator of ThetaHealing®

Dr. Barbara Stone
psychotherapist and author of Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present

Mary Swaine
naturopath and multi-therapist

Dr. Elaine Valdov
psychotherapist and former UN DPI/NGO Exec. Comm. chair

Rabbi Dr. Gershon Winkler
scholar in Jewish law & lore; founder of