The Int’l Institute of Integral Human Sciences is a non-governmental organization affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information, for the promotion of global inter-religious and intercultural understanding, and for the convergence of science, spirituality, & universal human values.


The Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada is an interfaith member unit of the International Council of Community Churches, affiliated with the World Council of Churches, Geneva, offering spiritual services and educational programs to persons of all traditions.

The SSF-IIIHS Int’l Conference • 2014

The New Humanity: Global Peace Enchaanted by Divine Love and Higher Consciousness

Fr. John Rossner

Now in its 39th incarnation, this year’s SSF-IIIHS International Conference once again presents a venue where science and spirituality can co-exist, interact, and inform each other for the benefit of mankind. Prominent mystics and sages of all faiths, assemble with scholars and scientists of East & West, in the search for new, more humane values in the Global Village. Join us as we dismantle the barriers between intuition and reason, mind and body, spirit and matter, religion and science. Discover a better world through awareness of transcultural experiences of human transformation, healing, and renewal.

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Fr. John Rossner, PhD, DLitt

IIIHS Founder/President; Professor Emeritus of Religion; Anglican priest; author; Founder of the Ecumenical Order of the Transfiguration; IIIHS Conference conceptualizer

Marilyn Rossner, EdD, PhD

SSF Founder/President; IIIHS Co-Founder & Executive Vice President; retired special-care-counselling professor; world-renowned intuitive & visionary; organizer of IIIHS Conferences

Fadel Behman, PhD, MSc

Retired medical researcher in oncology; working in consciousness studies, psychic research, and holistic Cranio-Sacral technique

Elaine Valdov, PhD

NYC psychotherapist; former Chair (current Co-Chair) of the UN DPI/NGO Executive Committee, and founder of its “Outreach Project for a Culture of Peace”

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