The 39th Annual SSF-IIIHS International Conference

Musicians Directory

C1 = Conference 1  •  CW = College Week  •  C2 = Conference 2  -  Sx = Session x

Busta Akong
“Busta Akong

Folk guitarist who taps into the spiritual and contemplative power of music

CW-S4 (Prelude); CW-S5 (Prelude)

Shams Al Habib
“Shams Al Habib

Egyptian Vocalist and Al-Oud player who performs classical Middle-Eastern spiritual music

CW-S9 (Prelude)

Peter Byberg
Peter Byberg

Intuitive sonic healer; professional musician

CW-S11 (Prelude); CW-S13 (Prelude);
C2-S7 (Prelude)

Robert Coxon
Robert Coxon

Composer and multi-keyboardist; creator of the Crystal Silence trilogy

C1-S1 (Postlude)

Jacques Gravel
Jacques Gravel

Bass trombonist; member of Balai Mécanique and Rachet Orchestra

CW-S1 (Prelude); CW-S10 (Prelude); C2-S3 (Prelude)

Sr. Leona Hartman
Sr. LeonaHartman

Organist, pianist, and composer; woman priest with the CCC in Quebec

C1-S7 (Prelude); C2-S5 (Prelude); C2-S7 (Prelude)

Francine Jarry
Francine Jarry

Multi-faceted artist and instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and arranger

C1-S1 (Prelude); C1-S2 (Prelude); C1-S4 (Prelude); C2-S1 (Prelude)

Janine Mealhow-Ambrose, PhD
Janine Mealhow-Ambrose, PhD

Pianist, composer, and teacher who has a special touch with music

C1-S3 (Prelude); C1-S6 (Prelude); CW-S3 (Prelude)

Hasu Patel

world-class Indian classical sitarist; disciple of sitar legend Ustad Vilayat Khan Saheb

CW-S12 (Prelude)


Performers Yahserah Soleil and Kai Lehrke offer vibrations that heal!

CW-S6 (Prelude)